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We are an amateur football team, managed exclusively by a team of volunteer committee members, coaches and parents.

We have over three hundred members playing and over fifteen age groups. Our name is based on the first letter of the group name, Caz.

We are a family business that has been operating since 2003 and have been involved in the sport of football for over thirty years. This business has been my family's passion since we were very young. Soccer has been our favorite sport, and it's something we've been practicing all along.

Not only are we an amateur team that loves to play football and give it our all, we are equally committed to finding the best football equipment possible. Our interests cover everything from shin guards, knee socks to what we consider to be the best football boots for any player, in any position.

Discussing the different positions and which football boots to use depends a lot on the player, but there are some materials that we recommend for the different positions.

Firstly, as a defender, you are often in contact with other players and therefore it is recommended to use a more robust material for the shoes, such as leather. A solid leather shoe, ensures additional protection when in close contact and allows you to give strength to the pressing, giving the best chance to win it.

However, if you are playing as a midfielder, where the main objective is to win the ball and pass it to your teammates, we recommend a lighter boot that allows you to be in close contact with the ball during the passage.

For attackers, the type of shoe is quite similar to that of midfielders, however, being able to be more responsive and quick is the important thing, so we recommend a shoe that is lighter than that of midfielders.

A lighter shoe gives you the ability to be milliseconds faster than your opponent, making sure you always get to the ball first, so you can score more goals.